Wednesday, 31 August 2022

The United States Marine Corp and Super Soldiers

 Welcome to you all after a protracted absence, not due to health but other overriding factors

This time, I’m inviting YOU to participate in my ongoing quest for knowledge. It is relevant to unusual events reported in great detail. Judge for yourself whether they are true, keeping an open mind and verifiable witness statements.

The first is about a US citizen called Randy Cramer, who claims to have been one of 300 children put on a special program for the future recruitment of Super Soldiers. This was run by the United States Marine Corp and dates back to the 1950s and 1960s.

Where it becomes speculative but highly detailed is where he talks about the existence of a space fleet, an HQ located on the moon, and a stint of service protecting underground pockets of human societies on Mars. This posting lasted for 20 years, thus justifying the enormous cost of his training.

I attach a link to start you rolling, which leads to many other links if you persevere. Look him up, Control Click on 

Mars Defence Part 1 Force: Defending Human Colonies - Part Mars Defence Part 1: Capt K Interviews (S02E02) - YouTube

Mars Defense Force: Defending Human Colonies - Part 2 Capt K Interviews (S02E02) - YouTube

Remember Gary McKinnon, the hacker and Systems Administrator, who gained access to NASA top secret computers? These outlined details of a space fleet seemingly manned by US personnel and ‘aliens’.

The US tried to extradite him for a long time. 

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