Monday, 15 November 2021

We've Moved Home!

  • Yes folks, but not back to the UK. My wife and self  now live in a gated community with all the facilities that seniors like us need. It's on the coast, in Gran Alacant, and we've been kept really busy registering for full residency and healthcare. Our bungalow contains 2 generously sized bedrooms, 2 similarly proportioned bathrooms, a large lounge with kitchen area and a pantry. There are no more marble stairs to climb nor personal pool to tend. There are indoor and huge outdoor pools for our use by us residents and visitors, plus a games room, library, restaurant and gyms available on our doorstep.

  • A marvellous beach, shared seasonally with water turtles. is 5 minutes to reach by car, and there are over 100 restaurants surrounding us. It is a thriving town primarily populated by Brits, Scandinavians and the Spanish.
  • Recently, our younger daughter and her male partner came to stay with us for five days. The following happened one memorable evening.
  • He is a superfit marathon runner. She is similarly inclined, subject to her working demands. They thought nothing of walking the long way to the beach, via the commercial centre, would you believe?
  • He is also partially deaf because of his job etc. This means he can be rather loud as he relaxes. The other evening, we went to the Patagonia restaurant for a shared steak dinner.
  • It became absolutely, side-splittingly hilarious as those in the restaurant tried to talk to one another louder and louder. It must be a rare event because even the waiters were chuckling. Our male visitor was the culprit.
  • There was one guy, an Alex Ferguson look and sound alike who stared constantly at us, as my wife stared back, smirking. Even he ended up heaving his shoulders and laughing.
  • As we left and passed through the outside covered area, one irate customer (not inside) shouted after the last to leave, our daughter's partner, "will you shut the bloody door after you!" Obviously others had passed through leaving it open. Angrily, he slammed it shut - and it swung back open.
  •    A fitting end to a highly memorable evening. The nosh was the best we've had so far, rivalling that which we wrinklies had at the Trois Limousin steakhouse in Paris many years ago.

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