Saturday, 31 July 2021

The Calamitous High Speed 2 Project

  •  Now the northern loop of the HS2 Train line has been abandoned.
  • Costs of the initial leg of the service are soaring and up to 30 safe Tory seats are in peril, due in large part to the excessive disruption HS2 is already causing.
  • I repeat my suggestion to a government that doesn’t seem to want to listen.
  • Replace the proposed trains with a never-ending, looping stream of self-drive electric cars and wagons, no other high-speed traffic permitted. It would stimulate production of these proven vehicles and act as a testbed for the future. Sensors already fitted to new cars would work in all weathers and at night and there’d be pickup and drop-off sidings en route. They’d be far less intrusive and the infra-structure costs significantly lower,

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