Thursday, 15 April 2021

What we are surely witnessing is the implosion of the EU.

  •  The refusal of a host of countries in the EU to honour the international arrest warrant and accept criminals from the UK has brought matters to a head.
  • Now we have attempts to force the UK to accept the Northern Ireland protocol and align its trading practices with those of the EU. In other words, draw a line down the Irish sea and force NI to adopt measures that are causing riots from loyalists.
  • There are backlashes from EU countries that have no desire to honour the free movement of its citizens within the Schengen area.
  • It’s a free-for-all held together by a currency, the Euro, which relies for its survival on a political agenda. It has no fiscally appropriate way of binding those few nations that are propping it up by supporting those who have been the beneficiaries of their generosity.
  • Until now, the UK has paid disproportionately for its membership of this self-rewarding bureaucracy by acting wittingly as its milch cow. Germany is refusing to take over the role, France is afraid to because of its riotous population and the outrageous benefits it gets from the Common Agricultural Policy, and Spain is doing its best to incentivise tourism.
  • Boris is playing the EU at its own game by negotiating with EU officials on the nitty-gritty of minutiae, calling them ‘our friends’, which they are anything but.
  • They resent bitterly what we did. We have effectively dismantled their unity and withdrawn their main source of subsidy.
  • Insiders who wanted the UK to remain in the EU have insisted that change can come from within, by staying aligned to it.
  • Nonsense, it will never change its ways, like shifting between two locations for its over-bloated ruling class and associated army of servants. It is a nightmare of a liberal regime that the majority of UK voters judged to be unfit for purpose.
  • The pandemic brought matters to a head. Now watch as it implodes because of its creaking foundations.
  • The UK could play an ongoing role by spearheading a new currency to benefit itself and other, less sizeable discontented countries like Poland. Call it the Beuro, give it proper fiscal unity and a streamlined, decentralised civil service to be proud of.
  • Fortune favours the brave.

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