Thursday, 29 April 2021

Boris’s personal makeover of his official, borrowed apartment in Downing Street.

  •  I think it looks garish and reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire. Him and Carrie must be on the same wavelength.
  • However, that is not for the voters to judge but the politicos bent on mischief.
  • Chancellor Rishi could afford to pay his refurbishments out of his own pocket. Boris cannot because of his immoral behaviour, judged by the holier than thou brigade.
  • It wouldn't be an issue if his income reflected his importance to the economic wellbeing of the UK. Stop judging the man by his moral standards and see what he's achieving by sharing the essential workload to competent ministers.
  • That is the true measure of the boss-manager who assesses the country’s objectives and delegates well, like he did in London.
  • He is by nature a libertarian, but then so have many of our leaders had their flaws. See what happens to the UK over the next few years before sticking the knife in.

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