Thursday, 18 March 2021

Place your bets!

  •  Place your bets ladies and gentlemen - and those in-between!
  • Without fanfare, I predicted that the Coronavirus would turn into a pandemic.
  • Now a new virus has emerged, called NIPAH.
  • A leading scientist has claimed that it could spread like wildfire if it spreads more widely amongst humans.
  • It causes vomiting, seizures and brain-swelling and results in an over 75% death rate. 17 out of 19 people in India died from it, as it is so far confined to parts of Asia. The first recorded outbreak was in Malaysia, transmitted from infected pigs to farmers. Its incubation period is 45 days and mutations are rapid and deadly.
  • There are two leading groups who have a potentially invested interest in spreading it: those wealthy billionaires who feel the world is vastly over-populated and have said so. The other is undemocratic governments whose ruthless leaders feel more secure than the lesser, social groups.
  • Now I suspect that this contender, Nipah, is likely to succeed where its predecessor is apparently failing. The likelihood is that it will be used as a biological weapon.
  • Will an underpopulated world be a better place in which to live? Not if the potential perpetrators live to reap their rewards. Like the Roman senators who stabbed the erstwhile dictator Julius Caesar to death, they must be hunted down and neutralised, guilty of making the killer blow or not. True democracy depends on it. One point about my terminology: I see no value in punishing the guilty with incarceration. Our descendants will find ways of dealing with evil, chemically or by spiritual means that change their personalities permanently, to render them harmless and repentant.
  • The only consolation is that we all have to die sometime, a factor which many of the younger generation overlook in their naivety, as judged by their voting intentions.

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