Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Just When a Blue Sky Emerges

Just when you think things will soon be back to normal, Covid mutates into a variant that bypasses the existing vaccines.

  • The government is mass-testing in the Surrey area next door to where my younger daughter and her family live. Scientist believe that the South African strain of Covid is emerging amongst those who have no connection with South Africa.
  • My suspicion is that there is no connection whatsoever, but a mutation of the Kent virus into what resembles its South African counterpart.
  • I fear that the saga is going to continue, until scientists find a general vaccine that stops it in its tracks.
  • I hope that China, the probable source of a virus that looks suspiciously manmade, suffers the consequences of its probable actions.
  • There’s no smoke without fire, nor should a country ruled by a single party and backed by an armed force be allowed to continue its aggression with impunity.
  • Not in the 21st century nor in similar countries like Russia, Myanmar, Iran, or North Korea.

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