Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Dominic Cummings, Strategic Advisor to Boris Johnson.

  •  I took a special interest in this alleged psychopath after hearing his rambling, incoherent, defense of his imprudent drive to and the north of England to plonk his sick son on relatives.
  • The return journey, with his assertion that he took a divergence to ‘test his eyesight’ raised a lot of eyebrows, mine included.
  • What struck me was his inability to express himself with the lucidity and articulation one might expect from a first-class History graduate at Oxford, who was also the beneficiary of a splendid private education before that.
  • Contrast that with our ebullient PM, who is equally well educated with a first-class degree in English at Oxford. Chalk and cheese they are, in reverse order.
  • I have since wondered if Cummings paid someone else to take written exams for his degree, as I suspect was the case with an American I worked for, whose actual English was clearly sub-standard. It was at odds with his post-degree thesis in early English History, also obtained at Oxford. In no way was he worthy of a Ph.D. He too seriously lacked articulacy.
  • Contrast Cummings’ menacing and dominicking behaviour behind closed doors in Downing Street, with that of the puke-inducing shrivelling ball in the garden and my wonder grows. It was a Jekyll and Hyde split personality showing a face to the world that was anything but erudite.
  • I have a deep suspicion that he would dearly love to possess the magic gene that is claimed to exist within people born to be mathematicians. Realising that he cannot, he puts them on a pedestal and loquaciously offers them job opportunities, reporting only to himself. It’s an envy complex, as revealed by the pseudo-science he spouted in his job offer.
  • I can imagine him performing in bed, shouting for all the neighbours to hear, in the singular, “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming!”, with his disinterested wife knowing he wasn’t thinking of gratification, but of himself gaining the prefix ‘Sir’. I bet a pound to a penny that Lord Boris will undoubtedly, at a future date, bestow it on him.

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