Friday, 25 September 2020

Learn to live with coronavirus.

  • I read an eminently sensible article by Dr. John Lee today that should be a wakeup call to the government. He is a former professor of pathology at Hull York Medical School and a recently retired NHS consultant.
  •      In essence, he states that
  • The supposed cure is turning out to be worse than the disease. As analysis by the (Daily) Mail reveals today that more lives are being wrecked by the official response to Covid than by the virus itself.
  • In a bizarre paradox, ill-directed efforts at protecting public health are creating a public health disaster.
  • Even now the fiercely disputed current Covid death toll of 41,628 is barely half the total fatalities of the 1968 flu epidemic in the UK. More than 1,600 people die in Britain every day, yet, despite the Government’s scaremongering, the coronavirus daily death toll has been in single or low double figures for weeks.
  • Indeed, if coronavirus were really the deadly menace that it is painted to be, there would have been a massive spike in cases and deaths after the Black Lives Matter protests, illegal raves and huge gatherings at the seaside during the summer. But nothing of the sort has happened. Yet still the Government refuses to change its doomladen narrative.
  • As he witheringly concludes, this country finally faces up to the real healthcare toll of imposing lockdown by indulging in bullying tactics.
  • My conclusion is this: for heaven’s sake, learn to live with coronavirus and get off your high horse before you doom the country to yet more needless suffering! Boris, you’re overbaking the cake and feeding an opposition led by a deluded man who doesn’t understand either, unless he reads the original article.

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