Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Sequel - A Sad End to a Friendship

There’s a sequel to this, which reads as follows:
     Research for my next book led me through the labyrinth of paranormal subjects, using the exhaustive Amazon Prime films and TV shows on the subject.
     Several levels down, I came across an exposé on the shady activities of the CIA, the papers about which were released in 2018 under US confidentiality rules. I had no idea it would include what turned out to be a documentary on its research into ‘distance viewing’’. This included personal testimonies by an elite group of its practitioners, who genuinely have this ability to read top secret documents held in vaults many thousands of miles away.
     Give them the coordinates and they can penetrate the storage locations to read the secrets held within. I kid you not. So good were the likes of Ingo Swann and Patrick Price at doing this that the CIA and FBI were convinced that they had a mole in their midst who needed rooting out.
     Finally, the ‘dime dropped’ and investments were made in utilizing the skills of these rare individuals, much like the USSR was already doing.
     This is where I came across filmed evidence that Uri Geller was indeed recruited by the CIA, who wanted to enhance his remote viewing skills. He’d proved, on film, that he could do the same thing by accessing a top secret file held securely. Remember, this was the same individual who later crossed swords with the stage magician Randi, the latter claiming that Geller was a fraud and ended up being sued in court.
     Some of this type of sightseeing activity I incorporated in one of my books. I didn’t know the full extent of Ingo Swann’s ability at the time, but what worries me now is the fact that he insisted he’d viewed green giants on the dark side of the moon, quarrying for its deposits and almost got caught. Gulp.

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