Thursday, 21 May 2020

Alien Presence at the South Pole

This event was told by a whistleblower to regional Emmy award winning investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe.
     It was first seen on a documentary, via Prime Amazon, under the title of ETs Among Us 2 – Antarctica, Mars, the Moon and Beyond.
     In 2015, Linda was contacted by a man called Brian, who claimed to have been a naval flight engineer from 1977 to 1997, in a 20-year career. Much of it was spent at the American base of McMurdo, in Antarctica. He and the others in a crew of 15 to 17 people regularly flew a big Lockheed Hercules military transport aircraft C-130.The assignment was often to fly supplies and personnel over the South Pole to the Australian Camp at Davis, which was the other side of the continent, to the east. They would cross the Transantarctic Mountains that almost divide the continent in two.
     Almost every time they got to the same place called the Beardmore Glacier, they would see sliver discs glinting in the sun, either going up or descending nearby. These never went near the C-130 or the glacier itself. It seemed as if they were observing the same restriction as the C-130, which was to avoid flying over a specific 5 square-mile area.
     One day, they were notified that someone at Camp Davis had been seriously injured in a fire accident and needed to be evacuated urgently. It was suggested that if they flew over the restricted area, considerable time would be saved by not having to make the detour around it. They were told in response that it was where an ‘air monitoring station’ was located, but approval was warily given after it was pointed out that the C-130 would be flying at 35,000 feet and couldn’t possibly cause contamination on the ground below.
     Flying over the forbidden area, many of the crew noticed an artificial, big hole in it, leading underground. After returning to McMurdo with the casualty, they were told to meet an official wearing a suit, which in itself indicated that he was from one of the government agencies, as listed by Linda. He instructed them, “Under no circumstances are you to mention the hole to anyone, ever. It doesn’t exist, got it?”
     At the time, rumors were already widespread that there was an underground base in Antarctica, where ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Entities’ collaborated with the U.S. Government.
     Not long afterward, in 1996, the crew were given one of their regular assignments to ferry yet another group of 15 people from the National Science Foundation to a research base at Marie Byrd Land. This was located to the north west of McMurdo.
     The scientists were carrying an unusually large amount of equipment. The usual warnings were given to keep in regular contact, to ensure their safety. Days later, contact stopped, so extensive searches were made to try and find them, without any trace being found.
     Two weeks elapsed before the scientists made contact and the C-130 flew to collect them. Far from showing elation and high spirits, they stood around staring at the ground and unresponsive. They looked traumatized and were uncommunicative, boarding as the vast equipment was loaded.
     Brian told Linda that the crew were later instructed by yet another man in a suit, “Never talk to anyone about this.”
      In 2016, a nephew of Brian contacted Linda and arranged to meet her in a very noisy restaurant, on Brian’s behalf, since he still worked in the aviation industry, doing highly classified work. It was the nephew who told her about the group of scientists who had disappeared.
     What happened next was that Linda received a telephone call from an unknown number, for a male voice to warn her that ‘they’ knew all about her meeting with the nephew. She was advised that they didn’t like what was being discussed, and warned her to not to continue. She traced the call to the NSA; that is, it came from the National Security Agency. Two things concerned her: the first was that it is still so sensitive as to be closely monitored many years later, the second is that Brian was never made to sign any confidentiality agreement, so is at liberty to say what he likes.
     It annoys Linda that the government can conduct itself with impunity, and not be held to account for its actions.
     As a rider to this event, I coincidentally wrote a story about aliens occupying bases at both poles. It is based on the account related by a genuine U.S Admiral Richard E. Byrd of finding an alien base in Antarctica and entering a large hole to access it. He headed more than one expedition to that continent. Note the spelling of the base at Marie Byrd Land.
     A mere coincidence? I doubt it.

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