Friday, 10 April 2020

UAP Diclosures

What is meant by that? I didn’t know, until a leading TV newsman asked Hilary Clinton a question about UFO disclosures. She corrected him by stating that the correct tittle being used by the US government is now,
              Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAP for short.
“Oh no!” some of you may groan. “There he goes again, getting on his hobby horse!”
     My reason for doing so is simple. After taking Amazon Prime membership and using its video service to stream whatever I like, I tend to watch what I want in the afternoons, when I feel sleepy and select some programs to do my laborious writing research into alleged alien activity. It’s what I do as a Sci-Fi writer. The wife doesn’t complain, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her watching what she likes, such as Four in a Bed, and Life in the Sun.
     This time, I chose an hour-long film called ‘Aliens at the Pentagon’, narrated by the drowse-inducing, highly boring Nick Popes, who claims to have over 20 years’ experience in some secretive department of the UK civil service, only a few of which were devoted by him to heading up the UK’s UFO research program, whilst implying that it was a lot longer than that. The producer of the film describes him as the ‘true life Fox Mulder’.
     I failed to nap that afternoon, after realising  that this film was highly relevant to US Govt disclosures about UFOs, because why? Because it gives the factual timeline, over 70 years since the Roswell incident, for what the USA authorities have actually been doing about investigating UFOs.
     It culminates in the New York Times publishing its thoroughly researched and corroborated proof that UAPs exist and have been witnessed by unimpeachable sources. More of that later.
     Although UFO incidents have been recorded well before the crash in July 1947 at Roswell, near the Walker ‘Very Heavy Bomber’ USAF base that was involved in dropping the first ever atomic bomb (look up the Aurora Texas UFO incident that occurred in 1897). The military attended the scene of the crash at Roswell later, first claiming they’d recovered wreckage from a UFO, then rescinding the widely reported news the next day, saying it was the debris of a weather balloon. This contradicted the many eyewitness statements, but to hell with all that!
     The crash happened at the height of a series of reports of UFO activity, one of which was reported by pilot Kenneth Arnold. He claimed to have seen a formation of nine saucer-shaped objects flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, at speeds in excess of 1,000 mph. Media attention was growing as similar sightings kept coming in over the next few weeks.
     The Govt response was to create new projects and collate UFO reports under titles like Sign, Grudge and Bluebook, the latter being the most prominent, under its now infamous Majestic 12 high-ranking officials. Reliable sources included the military, police officers and civilian pilots.
    Bluebook lasted from 1947 until the plug was pulled in 1969. The USAF ‘wanted out’ so its successor was chosen, called Condon, run by Colorado University. Undue attention was placed on reports that had an alternative explanation, to discredit them. Officially, it was insisted that UFOs posed no threat to national security and there was no further investigation to be made.
     In December 2007, Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid initiated AATIP or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, to be funded by a token $22 million fund over five years. It was insignificant in the overall Defense Budget of $600 million, which was ‘how the Pentagon wanted it’.
     This was run by Luis Elizondo on the 5th floor of the Pentagon building. Much was (and presumably still is being) spent on an aerospace company run by billionaire Robert Bigelow, which was involve in building components for NASA, amongst others. On CBS News, Mr Bigelow stated that he was ‘absolutely convinced’ that aliens exist and that UFOs have visited Earth.
     Not all is funded by the Department of Defense, but also by the super-secretive DIA, or Defense Intelligence Agency. By these devices, the Freedom of Information Act is bypassed.
     Why go to these lengths of concealment if there is no threat by aliens to the defence of its citizens? The amounts being spent are staggering. Why belittle people who claim to have been abducted by aliens, for example, or suffered ill-health in close proximity to alien vessels?
     The answer is that any public admission of the existence of aliens could lead to mas panic and an avalanche of legal cases.
The likelihood is that the USA possesses its own UAPs, capable, as the director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works boasted, “of reaching the stars.”
     One verified instance of UAP sightings was reported by two USAF pilots, after being told to go to the coordinates shown on the radar of their aircraft carrier. They located them on the target hairlines of their own radar and conversations took place, remarking on their vastly superior capabilities to those of their own, latest generation, jet fighters. Upon losing sight of the UAPs, they were told to rendezvous at an aerial destination some 70 miles away, imaging being told, when some 40 miles from that point, to be told by the radar operator on the carrier that the a UAP had been spotted, already there, waiting for them! How was that possible, telepathy, deduction or what? [On reflection, it must have been easy to intercept the telecoms.]
     Mr Elizondo tendered his resignation from the AATIP in 2017, to Defense Secretary James Mattis, complaining that the project was not being taken seriously enough. Since then, like a host of politicians, leading military officers and celebrities, he has joined an organisation called the ‘To The Stars Academy’, to raise public awareness. Check out its website.
     The likely approach will be soft, to acclimatize the general public to the existence of aliens and their UFOs, without admitting there had been a 70-year cover-up of lies and deceptions.
Congratulations to Nick Pope on his masterly résumé of the situation.

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