Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Life After Death

Given the present circumstances in which we live, it may be opportune to consider what possibly lies in store for us when we pass on.
    The following is presented in an optimistic vein.
     I have always thought that no categorical proof of life after death could possibly be justified factually. That was until I saw a TV program called 'The afterlife Investigations.’ It followed the séances of 4 British mediums, conducted under controlled conditions with sceptical scientists over a 5 year period.
     Live audiences participated in various countries, events in each were recorded and scientists used every conceivable ploy to prevent or prove fraud. At first, it looked corny, with silly voices being heard, then events grabbed my attention. It became riveting to watch, so persevere if you feel either morbidly inclined or view the afterlife with an open mind. If you believe the easy cop-out that when “your dead you’re done”, then nothing will convince you.
The official website can be viewed by entering the key words
     Scole experiment
At which site, the sub-heading
     Documentary Film
Can be viewed in its hour-plus entirety on YouTube.
     The Skeptoid podcast by Robert Dunning is selectively damning, but I would point out that the sections of it devoted to criticisms are devoid of mention of an aged Italian who claimed to receive voices over the ether. He used an ancient radio to communicate with the dead, even when all its valves had been removed, and was subject to rigorous testing.
     I have never known the official skeptoids to be anything other than scientifically myopic and scathing when it comes to the paranormal.
     I saw and heard what they did to undermine a young Russian girl’s self-confidence, when she later qualified, in spite of the character assassination, to enter a prodigious medical centre in Moscow. She has a track record of diagnosing the ailments of others in her region with great accuracy. The skeptics (sceptics in British English) even went to the lengths of blanking out her vision and hearing, to make it impossible for her to communicate with potential patients. It was moronic behaviour.
     The podcast even claimed that the experiments conducted by four and more mediums would be world-changing if true. Mmm, have multiple sightings of UFOs by airline pilots achieved that lofty goal, or religious beliefs been shattered? People believe what they want, which gives me solace, based on what I have witnessed at various times in both aspect of daily life.
     As a penultimate parting shot, the next time you hear someone facetiously singing ‘happy birthday to you’ whilst washing (not scrubbing) their hands, suggest they sing a couple of times,
     Ring a ring o’ roses
     A pocket full of posies
     Atishoo! Atishoo!
     We all fall down.
As associated with the Black Death. It’s far more appropriate.
     Finally, the latest news is that we can expect to be released in a couple of weeks, but then suffer a series of lockdowns interspersed with multiple resurgences of the virus. It is being compared with the similar 1918 flu, which killed 40 million people.

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