Wednesday, 11 March 2020

A lack of forethought

    A lack of forethought by some people is conspicuous, especially in a crisis. This became apparent during the spread of Covid-19, when some of the younger generation were interviewed in the vicinity of the Vatican in Rome. These were couples in their twenties and thirties, taking advantage of uncrowded spaces to enjoy the relative calm of their surroundings.
     Time and again, they stated how they felt relaxed about catching the disease, since their age group did not anticipate suffering serious consequences, only a mild ‘touch of the flu’.
     Had they paid attention to the expert warnings being issued, they might have seen informed opinion that, similar to SARS, it can last for life. Also, that it mutates and can recur in a deadlier version. SARS, or Serious Acute Respiratory Syndrome, can be spread by secretions from the mouth and in excrement (stools). It originated in China, so its provenance is the same.
     Their views might have been tempered with extreme caution had they been more diligent. Likewise, did they give any thought to the potential consequences on their own families and older generations back home? Strolling around in places where Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire is inconsiderate, reckless self-exposure.
     Remorse comes too late for such people and one can only wonder at their lack of common sense.
     A similar sentiment applies to self-professed experts in Covid-19, who allow potential carriers of the virus from Italy and other hotbeds into the country unchecked. They are free to mix with innocent locals not previously infected, and indeed have proven to be carriers of Covid-19.
     Those in authority seem to be unaware of the risks of open frontiers. How is it possible for them to be blind to the obvious risk?
      I am alarmed at the prospect that a future mutation may carry the risk of infertility. Who can say if this unleashed virus was not deliberately induced by an undemocratic, authoritarian Chinese government hell-bent on reducing its burgeoning population?
     Unlike Jeremy Hunt, who naively believes it happened by chance in Wuhan province, I have a less benign view on the source of the outbreak. The finger of blame points at the laboratory at the epicentre of the outbreak. It has been identified as the source of the outbreak. Was this truly an accident?
     If I am correct, watch for a significant worldwide population reduction. That or escalating climate change will ultimately get us.

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