Thursday, 30 January 2020

Has the cull commenced?

Has the cull commenced?
I hope not, but I can see echoes of 1918, when people were keeling over in the streets with a virulent strain of the flu, until 40 million deaths were recorded.
     I have my suspicions, after it was realised that a Dangerous Diseases Research Lab was claimed to be at the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. The lengths to which the Chinese authorities are prepared to go suggest it is being taken seriously.
     It could be a dissident employee, from Vietnam for example, feeling vengeful at the major Chinese dam built upriver from the Mekong Delta, causing long stretches of its feeder tributaries to become dried up. Or, it could be state sponsored, to reduce the impossibly huge population level causing climate change that is escalating. I don’t believe we have to wait until 2050 to feel the impact.
     It is escalating faster than we can combat it!
If it reaches another over-populated country, like India and its neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh, then my worst suspicions will be realised.
     Then, we could be talking about billions at risk with a mutating pneumonia virus like the plague doing its worst.
Don’t think that Britain and other developed countries will be immune. Our flights interconnect regularly with these Commonwealth sources. Has the cull commenced? In my view, probably.

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