Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Reported Aerial Activity Over Area 51

For those who don’t about Area 51, it is the officially recognised development establishment for top secret aircraft being built by the USA military.
     Only in recent years has its existence been acknowledged and it is well protected from prying eyes. Get too close and its border guards will swoop on you like menacing hawks. Pilots of commercial aircraft are routinely threatened with being grounded if they lodge reports of encounters with Unidentifiable Flying Objects. This certainly applies to US pilots, especially if in the military.
     Having said that, one pilot has, since retirement, gone public with his claim of what happened on a commercial flight from Saint Louis to San Francisco, when he was co-pilot in the cockpit. This is his story.
     Michael Dinan states that at about 1 to 1:30 am in the morning, the craft was about 40 miles east of Area 51 when Air Traffic Control came on the line and ordered them to make a 90-degree right turn, which they performed. A further 40 miles on, Air Traffic Control again ordered them to make a 90-degree left turn, apparently to divert them from Area 51.
     He looked in that direction and saw what looked like a hologram of a runway open up on the ground. In his own terminology, “Above the runway, it looked as if someone had dumped a glassful of brightly-lit fireflies dancing around in the sky.”
     The crew watched as, “One by one, they took it in turns to make sharp, zigzag turns to land on the runway and disappear from sight. No human could have withstood the whiplash caused by these maneuvers at such high-speed. They were clearly under intelligent control.” This was a multiple sighting that no one reported, for the sake of keeping their jobs.
     Couple this with the fact that, in June 2019, President Trump was briefed this year on navy pilots having seen UFOs performing hypersonic maneuvers that they couldn’t match.
     I for one, having heard what the commercial pilot had reported on The Unexplained Files TV program, have no reason to doubt the authenticity of this 1988 sighting. I take consolation from the possibility that the USA has developed this technology.
     It stacks up well with my persistent research into UFOs and alien encounters, dating back to the early 1940s. I use genuine material in my Sci-Fi books to give them credibility. What a pity that little attention is paid to this exotic genre in book form, until lady luck intervenes or one has good connections.
     There again, I have a daughter whose reading of anything fictional is so remiss that she does not understand that allowing a precocious 12-year old girl, who she knows well, to devote her, unmonitored reading to Stephen King. This could be a tragedy in the making, which the young generation does not always have the acquired wisdom to avoid. Neither do those who should know better, in spite of any of our best endeavours.
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