Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Saturday in Parliament at the end of this week, along with the demands for Scottish Independence

If a second referendum is called for and passed by a majority of MPs, the delay the country can expect would probably cause major unrest. It would take months to carry out.
     Then, we can expect another tedious delay before the election itself. If this route were to be permitted, the Tory party would be seriously punished at the polls.
     Either way, Labour looks likely to be doomed, especially if Momentum succeeds in keeping Corbyn in power as its leader.
     In addition, if the referendum overturns the result of the first - yet to be delivered - Brexit outcome, it is probable all hell would occur. No, in that event, the most likely occurrence would be the government then declaring a state of emergency and no-deal happening by default at the end of October. Civil unrest would probably have broken out in the meantime.
     How out of touch can opposing MPs be?

How does the Scottish First Minister think the UK will react to her strident insistence on Independence for her country? If it happens, it is highly probable that the rest of the UK will stop subsidising education, its own version of the NHS, university fees, and other such hefty costs paid for by the British taxpayer.
     Plus, it could and should remove its naval bases and cancel its agreed future shipbuilding contracts, to benefit other parts of the UK which would welcome the work. This shortfall would undoubtedly have to be met by their own resident taxpayers, until such time as the EU accepts them as another minnow nation expecting to go on the handout bandwagon that is having their wings clipped by the UK's departure.
     Has the good lady yet absorbed this potential scenario?

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