Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Now The Healing Can Begin!

Finally, the UK’s zombie parliament can be dissolved and nationwide division and bitterness dispelled –hopefully.
     The TV series “Why We Hate” has put matters into perspective. It is directed by Steven Spielberg and therefore has credibility.
     Leaders in the disciplines of Human Studies have concluded that even sports events like football are highly vulnerable to the rise of hatred. Its underlying cause is tribalism, as demonstrated by studies of our primate cousins. This also occurs where nations compete as opposing tribes and fighting breaks out. I get the message.
     The conclusion to be drawn, at a wary distance, is that aggression can best be dealt with by getting the warring factions to cooperate at a personal level.
     That is the difficulty, for instance, in getting Palestinians to meet with Israelites and cooperate amicably at personal levels. No problem is intractable as long as the means are found.
    A pipe dream? Not for the British citizens it isn’t. I suspect that Boris Johnson can achieve it, with his spirit of bravado and cheeky grin.
     Underneath his clownish, previous posturing and womanizing, there are not the makings of a ‘Tinpot dictator’, but a leader who many have started to hate.
     For the sake of us all, to those whose natural disposition is to be a Remainer or a Brexiteer, step back from the abyss of tribalism, see this negativity for what it is, and give him a decent chance to prove his mettle.
     A simple concept can end hatred. It is called willing COMPROMISE.

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