Monday, 21 October 2019

Can Wisdom Be Acquired?

Can Wisdom Be Acquired?
This topic was covered in the TV program Why Do We Hate?
A leading anthropologist being interviewed affirmed that the frontal lobe of the human brain, where wisdom is acquired, does not normally fully develop until a person reaches their mid-twenties.
     Having witnessed the behaviour of my granddaughter, who had a university education, I would endorse that statement. The same applies to her mother. It is why I have serious doubts about teenagers being described as adults and being given the right to vote in elections. This right is granted by some leading politicians who have their own, mischievous agenda.
     It is a major reason exercised by the army, who accept youngsters and teach them to follow orders, as squaddies, without question. They were once regarded as ‘cannon fodder’.
    Which brings me back more explicitly to the theme of wisdom.
It is defined, at its most simple, as possessing the qualities of experience, knowledge and good judgement. These are, in my humble estimation, acquired by education, innate intelligence, the lifetime school of hard knocks, also by opportunistic background and by interaction with others. In other words, we learn as we progress, although there can be no fool like an old fool whose senses become addled.
     Linking together the aforementioned qualities of wisdom, the ultimate ability that can be acquired is impartiality. Without this essential ability, prejudicial judgement is often present in people who are regarded as clever, like the Appeal Court justices in the UK and some leading democrats in the USA. It is often clear to discerning onlookers where their sympathies lie.
     The others who are inherently low achievers, tend to spit when they talk, as is evident when they open their mouths. I am of course writing metaphorically.

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