Monday, 30 September 2019

Brexit - Seeking legal redemption

Probably the most famous feature of the Old Bailey is the gold statue of Justice atop its dome. She is helmeted but not, as widespread belief has it, blindfolded. The misconception of Justice as always blind is common. Whether the judges at the Supreme Court of appeal are even-handed in their rulings remains to be seen.
     The sword the statue carries is an instrument of justice. The Remainers, in their parochial ignorance, need to be reminded that it is a two-edged weapon. Now is the time to use it against those who decry the wishes of the majority of the population, whose wishes to leave the EU are being denied.
Starting with the Speaker, John Bercow, legal action needs to be taken because he openly believes himself to be unassailably above the law. This needs to be challenged lest he commits any more biased actions against the present government. Hence, it should be swiftly followed by legal action against the who are brazenly trying to assume the role of the current government and intervening to tie the hands of its elected officials by preventing the scenario where a no-deal emerges as the last resort. We have opposition parties denying the present government the chance to hold its own conference, without molestation, to pass new laws in their short absence. The illegality of this is surely undeniable, even by the 11 appeal judges.
     Either way, the Remainers too should swiftly answer for their activities, using their own, chosen paths to judgment.
What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, with all the trimmings, served on top.

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