Thursday, 5 September 2019

A bleak political outlook

It is surely blinkered for anyone who is impartial to want another referendum when delivery is lacking on the first?
     I suspect that Boris 's refusal to go cap in hand to the EU to ask for another extension is simply to force the creation of a replacement government by those who oppose him. Else, no-deal comes into force on the 31st October.
     I wouldn't be surprised if the endless defeats by the government are being engineered to this end. The chance is high that the EU will see the writing on the wall and offer a belated deal on the backstop. Too late for us and to their financial benefit. The EU is cash-strapped and badly coordinated.
     That leaves Boris with the rump of badly-brokered Olly Robbins and Theresa May deal. It also leaves Remain MPs looking stupid for their premature actions, and the need anyway for an election in the UK as Winter approaches. Corbyn may get into Downing Street by default, as the SNP MPs grow in numbers at Westminster, and the LibDems and Labour benefit from the collapse of the Tories as the Brexit party splits the vote of core Tory voters.
     I hope that Cummings is as clever as some think him to be and some devilishly clever scheme is being hatched. Or is this it?
     Britain could well be getting a parliament that it does not really want. The inmates are taking over the asylum.

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