Thursday, 11 July 2019

Just how facile can you get?

The UK Ambassador to the USA is a died-in-the-wool EU supporter, who represented the UK in the EU for several years. He was due to retire anyway from his posting to Washington, but it looks like he and his chums at the Foreign Office decided it would be a golden opportunity to thwart the much hated Boris at the hustings, to get his rival Jeremy over the line.
     So what did they do? They resurrected a bile-filled, inflammatory report released much earlier, deriding Trump. It was supposed to be confidential, but said nothing beyond the type of thing that was already being said in public at that time.
     Boris said that he would decide on the ambassador's fate if and when appointed PM. This gave Sir Kim Darroch the ideal opportunity to resign, under the pretext that Boris had failed to support him in public and therefore broken with protocol.
     A previous, knighted Foreign Minister, a mandarin himself, then gleefully launched a tirade against Boris as the first step in a campaign of vilification.
     to my way of thinking the British Foreign Office is anything but impartial, and this sequence of orchestrated events proves just how much a clearout of this institution is needed, along with the House of Lords, unelected as they all are, like the bigwigs in the EU at Brussels.
     If Jeremy gets elected, it will signal the end of the Tory party. I believe. Time will tell.

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