Saturday, 6 July 2019

Apocalypse Soon

     By apocalypse, I mean that a very serious event resulting in great destruction is likely to occur within my lifetime.
     Normally, I would regard climate change as a naturally recurring event that is outside the influence of mankind.
     My attitude changed profoundly when I saw a game-changing program about NASA’s GRACE Project. One of the NASA Earth Science Enterprise’s focus areas is Earth Surface and Interior studies, which includes studying the gravity field.
     The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), launched by NASA on March 17, 2002, is revealing more detail about the gravity field than has ever been available before.
     Data provided by GRACE are substantially improving our knowledge of Earth’s gravity and of a number of important aspects of global change.
     NASA and German scientists now have access to data, using satellites and other tools that identify two regions of the Earth that are causing our planet to alter its poles and rotation. It seems that atmospheric changes, not so subtly or deliberately induced, are causing rapidly increasing changes in weather patterns.
     The finger of blame points at India and its neighboring countries, for changing the flow of water at source on a monumental scale.
     Another finger of blame points at China, for its massive use of cement. It has consumed in three years more than the USA did on the whole of the 20th century.
     These two countries, with their burgeoning populations, are claimed to be the source of the current changes in climate. I am not the author of these accusations.
     The consequences are escalating, although the Trump administration insists that the problem does not exist. Yet, its NASA agency insists that it does.
     The fantastical consequences were then revealed. The USA will become a totally devastated desert, with the mighty Mississippi reduced to a trickle.
     In that eventuality, Trump had better start being nice to his near neighbors, sooner rather than later.
     Europe, on the other hand, will also become uninhabitable because of its thick covering of ice and snow.
     This was its situation 10,000 years ago, when cannibalism was rife and skulls were used as drinking vessels.
     No doubt, those enterprises that were created to evade privacy laws in the USA are aware of what is happening in the Asian continents, due to over population.
     When the ‘dime drops’ with Trump, does anyone think he will hesitate to remedy the impending cataclysm without delay? His own country put at existential risk by other profligates, one with teeming slums, who are at the heart of the problem?
     No doubt those new kids on the block at the Bilderbergers think tanks are also aware of what the Earth faces, hence Bill Gates widely publicized opinion that the worldwide population needs to be reduced to less than 750 million people.
     There is no time to be wasted in getting the numbers reduced, so get ready folks for a dystopian future. It is too late for the mass, painless sterilization for which I hoped.

Initial source: NASA’s Unexplained Files, Series 4, Episode 6, final 15 minutes.

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