Friday, 5 April 2019

Hacking on the web

Gauging from a reply to my raising a query with Amazon, this is the first time that this behemoth admits to having put security restrictions in place on accounting information. This is a big thing, since they have been raiding accounts for ages in order to track friendship and family links. This is done to delete favourable reviews that may or may not be impartial. It is not permissible under Data Protection legislation and an odd way for a major book publisher to behave.
     This suggests that the Data Protection laws are beginning to stop Amazon’s illegal searches to establish links between people.
     Likewise, Google is deleting most accumulated Contacts. This will obliterate the records of those authors who build them up in order to get their Books promoted. Now, I only have three contacts in my list, and some have entirely disappeared from both the Correo Outlook accounts on my personal PC as well as those held online, elsewhere (On the Cloud etc).
    This indicates that the central intelligence agencies are at work, to prevent hacking and hostile governments from abusing the web to manipulate its users’ records. One update from Microsoft (version 1809) rid my Chinese-built Lenovo PC of the personal data; the HP PC it left untouched.
     The same thing happened when, to restore the seriously diminished WiFi internet speed of the affected PC, I downloaded driver software that cleared the problem. My data again disappeared.
     I expect WhatsApp to have to change the way it operates, since my Family group has been cut back without any intervention from those in it.

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