Saturday, 9 March 2019

A Moral Dilemma

Recently, Jacob Rees Mogg said he would be inclined to allow the wife of an ISIS fighter back into Britain, where she was born.
     The wife in question was hiding in a refugee camp in Syria, amongst the people ISIS had subjected to acts of terrorism too horrible to mention.
     Let us take this situation to a higher level. Imagine the choice was not made in isolation, but with one of her victims standing alongside her. The victim is a Yazidi, whose race has been subjected to genocide. ISIS has murdered, raped and tortured many like her.
     Who would you choose, the Yazidi or the ISIS terrorist’s wife, who has shown no remorse? The displaced, innocent Yazidi girl or the ISIS bride who regards seeing a decapitated victim’s head in a trash can as a normal event?
     I suspect that those currently calling Sajid Javid a hard-hearted monster for not having permitted her and her sadly deceased baby back into the country are not seeing events in perspective.
     Which one would you choose to house as a refugee? Who is the most deserving between them?
     My choice would be neither, since they both need the utmost help in rebuilding lives where the devastation occurred.

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