Saturday, 23 February 2019

Wizen up – numero 1 in an ongoing series

Get streetwise, somewhat belatedly, like I tend to do.

This is the first in an ongoing series recounting real life experiences in Spain.

It happened when my son-in-law, my ‘yerno’ passed on a tip that one of his buddies gave him.
     He said, “Buy a cheap 5 litre plastic container of red wine from the supermarket Mercadona, decant it twice and enjoy the flavour. It’s not bad! Here, try it yourself.” It was okay good, so I took the plunge.
     Following his suggestion, I didn’t buy the cheapest. I duly decanted it twice, using an existing, empty bodega plastic container also of 5 litre capacity. Much to my surprise, the bodega container was marginally smaller. I had a generous glass of wine left over!
     I asked myself, “This couldn’t be a mistake, could it? Have I been short-changed all these years of innocent loyalty? Where’s my 1 litre Pyrex jar measure?
     I duly used a 6 litre plastic container of drinking water and poured it into an empty, sterilised bodega plastic container, 1 litre at a time. There again, was a shortfall when I reached the fifth litre. To this can be added the regular failure by staff in the bodega to fill the 5 litre bodega container because of the froth on the poured wine.
     Who would you trust for veracity, Mercadona or the bodega? It may be that the bodega itself is unaware of the dodgy supplier, but I have seen many a restauranteur wheel out a trolley full of these containers, unaware of the discrepancy.
     The next day, our freshly decanted bottle of Dominio de Borgia tinto 13.5º wine at €1.20 per litre, IVA incluiso, genuinely tasted better than the more expensive version from the bodega.

Do you ever feel you’ve been suckered?

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