Saturday, 9 February 2019

The power of the human brain

There are those who are convinced, beyond all reasonable logic, that the power of the human brain can be harnessed to overcome physical ailments.
     This may be true, if the advocate of alternative treatments and their small army of believers are in robust good health, but what if they aren't? Self-belief is one thing, achievement another. I commented about this recently on Facebook to one adherent of this belief, to receive a comment by someone else, a lady , stating that her husband was told by his doctor that he would die soon. Yet, he was still alive and with his family umpteen years later. Medical misdiagnosis? Possibly yes, but blind faith expressing a miracle is one thing, malpractice another. There are too many cases I’ve read of desperate people who are terminally and irrefutably ill, but who invariably die as forecast.
     I will always do my utmost to be positive if similarly afflicted, but why is it I come across people in robust good health who are inclined to give false hope to others who may be at death’s door?
     In contrast, I have come across one person whose healing powers seem to be legendary. What I saw on TV convinced me that he is a genuine healer, not yet another charlatan preaching to the converted from a false pulpit. His name is Chrissie Goldsmith. See
     On the other hand, I have met someone else who firmly believes that the brain has the ability to overcome health problems, based on his own experiences, like cataracts evaporating of their own accord.
      This person, in his eighties, suffers badly from the shakes. It is a spectacle to observe him reading a tract from a sheet of paper. I have a theory on how he copes with this disability so well. It goes like this:
     A gun synchronizer, sometimes rather less accurately called an interrupter, is attached to the armament of a single-propeller aircraft so it can fire through the arc of its spinning propeller without bullets striking the blades.
    The man I am referring to has clearly used his brain to achieve this synchronization, and thus continues to read without stuttering or spluttering. It is a sight to behold. I only hope I don’t have to adapt my brain to use my withering body in a similar way.

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