Wednesday, 23 January 2019

“We have no desire to return to a hard border”

Today, on the 23rd January 2019, as reported by the ever gullible Kay Burley, this was the theme of local farmers’ representatives in Northern Ireland.
     As she waved gaily in the direction of the border leading to Southern Ireland, she was blissfully unaware of the partially-screened official vehicle parked facing incoming traffic.
On its roof was a whopping satellite dish.
     No hard border? Who’s kidding whom? No wonder they’ve had recent successes in snaring illegal trafficked goods.
     Keep up the good work, NI’s border guards, it’s only the EU that is capable of distracting the likes of Olly Robbins, May’s disciple, into making it into a big issue. There must be something bigger in the wings that will cause Barnier’s team to chortle if they succeed.

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