Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Rising costs and rotten services bedevil Rail Transport

I have a revolutionary proposal. Implement an entirely new approach to this costly and inefficient service.
     Instead of running trains on lines, start replacing them with communally-shared self-drive cars perpetually running on the same routes. The tracks and power lines would be ripped up, to provide a smooth surface for the new vehicles to drive on, electrically powered. They would be fitted with sensors in order to maintain safety and no other types of traffic would be permitted to use these routes.
     Stations would exist en route, with journeys terminating in selected major towns, where they would loop back to make return journeys on parallel ‘roads’.
     Done sensibly, this system would do away with timetables and smoothen the travel experience.
      I call them cars, but as long as they are standardized in size and appearance, it doesn’t matter. They should also be bulk-purchased from major companies for rental to commuters and users in general.

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