Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Perverse Power of the British Parliament

I cannot help but have a quiet chuckle at the antics of our Members of Parliament.
     In taking full advantage of their powers to keep Theresa in check, do those who voted Remain realise the extent to which they are demonstrating the absolute need to keep the very controls they wish to give away to the bureaucrats in Brussels?
     I would urge both sides in the great debate of Brexit to take stock before taking different paths to achieve the same aim. In reality, this is no more than using the means within their grasp, thus demonstrating how important it is to have this degree of control available to our elected MPs firsthand.
     Being part of a larger trading block is all well and good, but the EU is proving to be intransigent, riven with dissent and run by unelected, quarrelsome uncivil servants who treat the UK as a vassal state. 

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