Friday, 16 November 2018

Is Chequers really that bad?

To those of you who insist it is, answer with the facts supporting this premise.
     I heard May defending herself yesterday in parliament and heard no inconsistencies whatsoever in her current and previous statements of intent.
      What the draft agreement with the EU supposedly achieves is in line with what Brexit was voted for in the referendum.
      Therefore, the devil must lie in the details, that is to say the small print in what is a lengthy document. What I see happening is nitpicking by her hostile would-be backers in the Tory party. If the intent of the wording is not clear to those who read it, it is because they don’t believe May, the daughter of a vicar, who they fear is being duplicitous and colluding with Barnier and his team.
     I’m happy to dispute these exaggerated interpretations, since they do not bear close inspection. So is May, by the sound of it. She is happy with the way things are going and, to my ears, is sincere in that belief while those around her are losing their sense of proportion.
      If she remains resolute and wins through, time only will tell if she is what she could really be, that is an honest broker. She has the makings of a steely leader. I say this having consistently wanted her to go.

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