Thursday, 18 October 2018

A double-edged Sword?

The EU representatives are being noticeably obdurate in their determination to create their own army. Why, you may ask yourself?
    Could it be their desire to control internal dissent, especially when it arises in the minnow countries within the union? How would any leader react, given the means, if someone chooses to protect their borders by erecting razor-wire fences? “Send in the troops!” will be the rallying call, to protests that will not be heeded, in the name of unity.
     It will put the already undemocratic EU in the enviable position of not only being directly unelected, it will be in charge of a legitimised weapon-toting force that is akin to an armed gang. Its legitimacy will be legalised by powerful nations like France, hoping to restore itself to its former glory.
     Why is it that physically small men like Napoleon, Putin and Sarkozy seek and attain power so easily? France itself was angry that Poland cancelled the Airbus helicopter deal. Now it wants a European army. Ever wondered why?

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