Sunday, 18 February 2018

Should we stay or should we go?

Verhofstadt uses the words 'convergence' and 'divergence' in relation to our imminent departure from the EU. This is his mindset in relation to his perception of reality. It is the opposite of agreeing a relationship that has to be positive in its trading nature. In other words, he sees trade agreements with Canada and Japan as convergent and us, the EU's closest neighbour, as traitorous by nature. This attitude, coming from the former leader of a pygmy country like Belgium, is unhealthy and unhelpful. People like Kinnock, Clegg, Soubry and other Remainers, are grist to his mill and he will play it for all it is worth. Woe betide us if these influential people get their way, when we are on the cusp of an exciting future that precludes paying vast sums into a failing, undemocratic institution.
Should we stay or should we go?
do you really want to know?
With a madman on the prowl
No wonder Barnier wears a scowl

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