Sunday, 18 February 2018

A review of Future World Rocks!

By FeedMyBibliodiction
This book was such a fun read!! I’m still relating these interweaving stories to daytime soap operas. Drama is found on every page. I love the imagination used to create some of these alien worlds on (and within) Earth. As current residents of this planet, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There very well could be hidden pockets of civilizations. And then there’s the music. Everybody loves a good rock concert. Music does make the world go ‘round.
     The author has a unique writing style. He shares his story with the reader. There are occasions when he clarifies word meanings and explains why a certain event is told after the other. I found it a bit odd at first, but now it makes me feel like he really is sharing his tale with me.
       I was a bit sad, though. As a supporting character in this story, my friend Mr. Tumbler wasn’t around much. I have grown to think of him as a favorite crazy uncle who spends most of the year adventuring around the world. We don’t see him very often, but when we do, we party like it’s 1999!!
     As I was reading, I was focused on the entertainment aspect of various aliens, humans, time travel, and rock ‘n roll. I also enjoyed finding lyrics mixed into conversations. I would stop, hum a bar or two, and then continue with the story.

     Now that I’ve had a few days to “digest” what I’ve read, I’m wondering if there’s more to this “future world” than the “rock”?? Humans have progressed in technology creating the ability to streamline the world’s economy. Aliens have successfully integrated into society. The government has implemented an invasive “rehab” system for criminals. A “conversation” does take place via songs, but I’m wondering if there is a deeper meaning to some of the selected tunes? Is this our future? Would it be a bad thing? An interesting spin on religion is mentioned...

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