Monday, 29 January 2018

How Angela Merkel RIDICULED Theresa May

But you're leaving - we don't have to make you an offer!': How Angela Merkel RIDICULED Theresa May at private reception in Davos joking that Britain has no idea what it wants from Brexit.

      No Angela, you are wrong. What Britain wants is to leave the EU on terms that treat you and your ilk as friendly neighbours, to whom we extend respect and expect the same in return. It is a mark of David Davis's gentlemanly behaviour that we wish to behave honourably. Clearly, such tokens of his superior upbringing are beyond your comprehension, as they are beyond that of your emissary, Barnier, who Napoleon would surely have described in the same terminology he once applied to Talleyrand, a ‘turd’ in silk stockings. Even Trump was dismissive of May's dealings with the EU as too soft.
     Why oh why do we have to put up with the soft version of Brexit? Perhaps it is because the current generation British politicians are so out of touch with the majority of their own constituents. But there again, we have the meddlesome Gina Miller trying to run the country by proxy, and Blair’s accolytes and apologists making mischief on the continent.

     Sooner rather than later, we need Rees-Mogg to show us his manhood and drawl his way to power as he strikes the fear of God in our enemies, including the knock-kneed Worzel Gummidge act-alike, Jermy Corbyn

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