Thursday, 25 January 2018

Did Hitler die in his bunker in 1945?

I believed the dental evidence too, until I saw the further traces of his routes out of Berlin and found eye-witness accounts that he escaped and met people, in front of others who recognised him. I now suspect that he actually escaped and the Nazis constructed a plausible, fabricated, mostly burnt partial corpse to convince us otherwise. His escape was meticulously planned and executed. The MI6 and USA released reports state these events as facts, not suppositions.

     General Kaltenbrunner stayed at a cabin called Wildensee high above Altaussee in Austria as a  self-sacrificing act, to divert attention from the true route. Look at the barracks in the Misiones region of Argentina and see traces of stomach medicines and Nazi memorabilia in a totally secluded, self-sustaining site. It all makes sense, plus proof that Bormann died locally, and not in Germany. Irrefutably top-notch men and women led the team doing this research.

Praise be that this madman did not succeed in his frantic last-minute attempts to build and unleash the Atomic bomb on the USA.

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