Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A review of The Time Slipsters

By 'Feed my Biblio-Diction'
I confess… I have committed the ultimate cardinal sin, especially as a reviewer. I read this third book in The Dreadnought Collective I hope my review does the book justice.
     What an imagination!! I am loving the unique futuristic world created by this high-energy author. He enjoyed taking full advantage of writer privilege, and it shows.
     I love the flexibility of Erdal. As the tour guide, he masterfully solves potential problems before they have the chance to arise. He seems to always be two steps ahead of the group. Then there are the capabilities of their transportation, aptly named The Magic Carpet. It’s just that – magical. Imagine having a voice inexplicably pop into your mind telling you about your ailments.
     I really didn’t care for Wilf, but as Terry pointed out to the others, he did have his uses. His appearance in the book was necessary for certain events to occur. Enough said.
     The alien aspect of this book was a bit weird but interesting. I love the “history” of how the earth was originally populated. Which, of course, naturally leads to why an ancient Roman Senator is in the future requesting Terry’s aid.
     The time travel aspect of the book was unique and true to life. With reenactments occurring all over the world, who would think history witnessed first hand would be anything but actors?

     I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Turkey with the Tumbler’s and their friends. I now need to read the first two books in the series so I can understand some of the references.

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