Saturday, 9 December 2017

An ode to my wife

Sweet little seventy-three,
You've got the short grey hair,
Baggy knickers and no bra
Man you're so shaped square

When I yell
'Daddy daddy, he wants some fun,'
She runs like hell
She's off like a greyhound

Covering the ground
You wanna see her run!
Metal hip or no
I can't keep up

With my buttercup
When she's on the go
But I say, 'mammy mammy
I'll grab yer bum

Better hold onto yer hammocks
When you're on the run
Enjoy my romance
While I twiddle your grey locks

As I pull off my socks
When I finally catch you
When you’re on the run
We’re gonna have such fun

Oh mammy mammy,
you’re mine all mine
Sweet seventy-three

You belong to me...’

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