Monday, 27 November 2017

RE BREXIT - there is a rapid solution to the Irish border problem.

For those who didn’t hear the suggestion, it reads as follows.
     Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today, Labour’s Ms Hoey said there is no need for a physical border to be introduced to the region as she slated the Irish Government for using the issue in their own domestic political wrangles.
     Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he would be willing to veto any potential Brexit deal between the EU and UK unless a satisfactory solution to the Irish border is found.
     EU bosses have continued to block talks on Britain’s future relationship with the bloc until ‘sufficient progress’ is made on solutions to the Irish border, EU citizens’ rights and the divorce bill.
     “A lot of the technology, at the Swiss border and in Norway, is done actually away from the border – and, of course, the Prime Minister has said that she doesn’t want cameras at the border.
     “If it ends up with a no deal, we won’t be putting up the border, they’ll have to pay for it because it doesn’t need to happen.
     Ms Hoey suggested the UK and EU should look to Switzerland and Norway, who are both outside the EU but have close trading relations within the bloc.

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