Sunday, 24 September 2017

Misplaced Self Confidence in politics

I am talking about the Labour Party in Britain and the self-confident rhetoric being used by its leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
       Let me be clear in expressing my view on the chances of the Labour Party getting into power. I will do so by asking one question of the voters of all ages and beliefs.
     Do you want an academic dunce who is economically illiterate and indecisive, to be our next Prime Minister?
     It chills me to the bone when he takes to the hustings and rants. What he rants is overtures to some ears, but is meaningless to mine. The words he uses he concocts as he speaks.
      It has been many years since I have heard anyone rant on a soapbox like him, and come across as a sweet uncle, a nice, gentle older man, in interviews.
     His vanity is such that he can actually envisage himself in the role of country leader.
I am confident that his chances are nil. The majority of voters, who I believe to be level-headed and sincere, would shudder at the prospect.

Either he is delusional or I am. Take your pick!