Monday, 17 July 2017

Unleash the Dogs of War

If the voters of the UK are so determined to undermine the Government in its campaign to get the best Brexit deal it can on behalf of the country, let them have what they deserve.
If they truly believe in the capabilities of the Labour party, insist they are given a fresh vote for it, to bring down the Conservatives, if they can, or increase their majority as was requested in the first place.
     It wasn’t at all clever of Theresa to get sucked into domestic economics and, predictably, she got unstuck when she came up against left-wing promises by economic dunces. Her manifesto was a conceited insult to the intelligence. Theirs was unaffordable promises to the suckered young.
     Frankly, I am fed up of hearing an endless barrage of speculative reporting on events at parliament, on the machinations of leading cabinet members intent on ousting the PM, and on the type of Brexit being discussed.
     For twits who yap on about Hard Brexit, THERE AIN’T SUCH A THING. The hardest fall there can be is onto World Trade Organisation rules, got it?
     For so-called business leaders with hidden agendas, stop harping on about how you like certainty. Cobblers, there ain’t no such thing in life. If you think there is, you are feckless. You want soft Brexit? Pay for it yourselves.
     For those labour supporters who walk around wearing ‘I Love Corbyn’ on their T-Shirts, do you really equate intelligence with his track record of failure? Really? Have you lost touch with reality? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES BEFORE HE BURIES THE COUNTRY IN ECONOMIC DUNG. Being nice has no relationship with his past record of failure, apart from rattling the cage he belongs in.
If that course of action doesn’t galvanize sensible people into doing what is right, boy oh boy, WE WILL GET WHAT WE DESERVE - at least a decade to undo what the Labour ignoramuses are incapable of achieving - running the country.