Saturday, 1 July 2017

The emerging danger within

I am talking about a man I first saw on Sky News this morning, who even made Stephen Dixon squirm in embarrassment. I am talking about Jamie Kelsey-Fry.
   I am horrified at the piffle this untidy man with a double-barrelled name gushes. He wants a man who had two A-level e-grade passes to lead this country. For God's sake, someone tell him to get a grip on himself!
     I heard his rant against businessmen this morning on Sky News and one thing is for sure - he is a menace to society because he is a vocal threat to democracy.
     If and when Corbyn gets in, but only IF the young continue to be swayed by Corbyn's empty promises of jam tomorrow, then it will take a decade to undo the incalculable economic damage this illiterate but kindly looking PM-in-waiting will inflict on us.
     We both agree on one thing - taxes need to flow from big businesses. Why doesn't Sky News look more closely at the money earnt by nurses before commentators like Kelsey-Fry insist they are really suffering and people like them have to go to food banks? Jeremy Hunt, who the NHS employees hate for no good reason, mentioned this once on Sky News and speculated at the need to go there when they earn so much.
     You have to see the lifestyles of firefighters when they retire early to see how well they live off their pensions when they move abroad. I do and it is money no object.
     No, Kelsey-Fry is himself an underachieving rabble rouser whose muddled view of life is a travesty of reality. I read with incredulity that he is an ex-teacher with 1 years’ experience repeated over 20 years, I wonder at the mentality of those who employed him. Did they do it to take advantage of his mind-warping skills?
      What on earth possessed Sky News to give him airtime to spout his firebrand drivel, especially in front of wishy-washy Nixon? And why does it keep sending its reporters to a school that specialises in churning out rude, very rude and disrespectful interviewers? There is nothing clever in shouting at someone, “Excuse me, when are you going to get the sack? Hopefully, one day, someone will stop mid-stride and give their torturer a good thump. I for one will give a hearty hurrah, especially if it’s Faisal.

     Is Sky News trying to make or report the news? Is it actually giving us relentless false news?