Sunday, 11 June 2017

Maybe baby, I don’t love you

Theresa May blew the election with the dementia tax and her inability to think on her feet. She has opened the door to Labour and destroyed the UK’s negotiating position re Brexit. She couldn't have done better if it had been deliberate sabotage.
     If the Conservatives imitate Labour's manifesto that galvanised the young voters, it will look like copycat catch-up politics. In fact, it was clever bribery and an active younger membership called Momentum.
    David Cameron drove his traditional supporters away, as has May with her appalling tax disincentives.
     If they make Boris leader they will deter many voters by his zany antics, haystack haircut and posturing.
     How they get out of this mess that the PM created I do not know. It will be a disaster for Britain with so many inexperienced Labour MPs at the helm. It looks likely we have wasted a decade until the young realise their votes were bought as the huge debt escalates. Austerity is no bad thing with trillions owed.
     Going back to the politics of the Seventies, with nationalisation and so many spend, spend, spend Labour promises will cripple the country, which had so much to offer.
Yes, the young have so much to learn, as do untrammelled universities that apply such crippling fees on the aspiring young. As do our political rulers. There’s one change to make for starters, university fees. The rest will take ages, apart from not stealing people’s inheritance pots. Imagination, that’s the name of the game, and each generation…

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