Tuesday, 13 June 2017

May be, May be not, but questions need to be raised

The question I ask is this:  did the good lady execute a devious plot?
Keeping an open mind, let us look at this possibility in greater depth by asking some fundamental questions.
1.  Was the vicar’s daughter as stupid as she’s made out to be with her facile submission to the electorate of a dementia tax? Ignore the tears apparently shed in private; they could have been real at the prospect of having overcooked the egg.
2.  How powerful behind the scenes are the lobbying groups representing big, international businesses? Where do you think their objectives lie? After all, they have made no secret of them.
3.  In comparison, how powerful and sustainable is the electorate in favor of Brexit?
4.  If push comes to shove, in the face of what our unelected previously Remain sympathizing PM faced with a diminished share of the electoral vote, how relieved will the majority feel if concessions made to the EU negotiators are begrudgingly accepted by the latter, with substantial billions paid by the UK as sweeteners? In other words, the UK makes soft Brexit overtures to the German overseers and main beneficiaries of our munificence, and compensates with hush money the minnow nations for whom the UK is a major paymaster.
5.  How much would you bet on the PM NOT triumphing in the next few years, and overturning the popularity of Corbyn’s left-wing Labour party?
6.  Was not the recent 1922’s reception of the PM, with its 25 second thumping of tables, more of a triumphant, processional ovation than an expression of support for a failed leader?

I expect there to be much huffing and puffing as the UK and the EU negotiate from respective positions of weakness and strength, with billions being handed over needlessly by our team, suckered into a situation not of their culpability. Or was it?
     Not to worry though, we will be in good company, with the likes of the Dutch voters, whose referendum re the Ukraine was overruled by their leaders.

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