Sunday, 27 November 2016

I leave you with a thought.

I leave you with a thought. It is about the possibility of afterlife.
My parents-in-law were married for 63 years and lived until into their eighties.
     My mother-in-law, Nancy, died first. In hospital. She was unconscious, but waited hours until my wife, her eldest daughter arrived and whispered to her, “It’s me, Sandra, I’ve just flown over from Spain to be here with you.” 
     Within minutes, she sighed her last breath and passed away peacefully in her sleep.
     My father-in-law was distraught, but was kept company by his younger daughter and her family as he shuffled around in his small flat. Within six weeks, on the exact date of their wedding anniversary, he also died in hospital at the same time as she had.
     Call it coincidence if you wish, but all of us were convinced that she called on him to join her, on their final journey together.

Sometime later, I’ll give you my views on what happens to all of us.

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