Sunday, 30 October 2016

Do Aliens Exist?

I ask this question. Knowing that many of you haven’t seen any evidence to confirm that they do, ergo your logic may be: they don’t!
     I spend a lot of time researching the subject. This is because I write Sci-Fi novels, and I like my work to be as authentic as possible. In fact, what I write is not really Sci-Fi. But speculative fiction, which most book publishers do not recognise as a genre. I regard it as this because, believe it or not, most of what I find as I research the subject already exists or is on the verge of becoming reality.
     Recently, I watched a new episode of Ancient Aliens: Series 9 Episode 15 that was about Alien Abductions. I am therefore presenting you with some of its content for you to consider – rationally I hope.
     To start with a contentious example: it is related to a decomposing body of a 60 year old man found dead in a car in Pacific Palisades, California in the summer of 2015.
His name was Jeffrey Lash and he left behind a 1,200-plus firearms, tons of ammunition and $230,000 in cash that were in the Pacific Palisades condo.
I kid you not, he claimed to be a hybrid human and apparently had no fingerprints.
It seems daft, doesn’t it, but where did the stash of weapons and cash come from? Why was he accumulating them?

Okay, it’s a one-off, but read on.
Some years back. I read a report that ex-Russian President Medvedev let his guard down after an interview with five Russian television stations when he failed to realise the cameras were still rolling. He stated that when being handed power, the first file he received was the nuclear codes for starting WW3; the next file contained a list of known aliens living amongst us. I didn’t place much credence on this, thinking he was being jocular, until I saw his face and heard the discourse for myself.

Read on.
In July 2007, President Kirsan Ilyumzinov of Kalmykia, Russia, said he had been abducted a decade earlier by ETs in yellow outfits, who took him on board a UFO that jetted off to a star far away. They shared with him information of mutual concern before returning him home.
He sounds and looks like a serious man to me, not prone to flights of fancy. He is certainly high profile.

Read on.
Look up the work of Dr. David Jacobs including abductions and the potential for hybrids living amongst us.
Read on.
I’ll throw another name at you: it is John E. Mack, MD, Professor of psychiatry at Harvard University, who threw himself open to criticism when he turned from skeptic to believer after interviewing alleged victims of alien abductions. (Incidentally, the word skeptic can also be spelt as sceptic, depending on which side of the pond you live.)
Still scoff? There’s lots more ammo out there.

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