Saturday, 28 February 2015

A letter to my youngest grandson on his birthday

Deah Toobey:
I ees a littel Spanish señorita wot as seen yewer foto an licks the like of yew.
Yewer grandfarter is elping me wiv my ingleesh an that is wy I am so gud at it.
¿The next thyme that you is obar ere praps we can play wiv each uver?
I ham a gud licker as yu will zee from MY foto zat yewer mudder will zoon giv tew yew, butt yewer grandfarter feelz zat yu mai not be alowed to zee it but it ees yewer rite, so kip arsking.
Yewer grandfarter olso ses zat he feals zat zer iz an ingleesh proberb zat aplize in zis situazion: “O deah: zee sheet ees gowin to it zee fan” but yerwe mudder wil hexplain. Arsk er.
¡Alo y luv!


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