Friday, 13 December 2013

Letters at Xmas from and to student Granddaughter

Hi Mam and Bamps,
     Just finished for Christmas term but I still have so much to do! I am working on live briefs for some Big Companies as part of my studies at the moment which is pretty exciting and lots of dissertation feedback to sink my teeth into and lot's to re-write and research.   That blog you sent me is very good, as a matter of fact I just turned down specialising as part of my course.
     They wanted us to chose either typography, branding, video or 3D and I said no, I would rather not specialise in only one thing and reduce my job opportunities. A varied portfolio matters more than one with tons of pages of typography or branding as what if 
A) I applied for a job that wanted more from me.
B) If I wanted to change specialism I would have restricted myself and lost out on learning other specialisms.
C) It gives me a higher scope for job searches.
      Very interesting that you should find that blog, so thank you very much for sending it to me. How have you both been? How is Mam's hip and Bamps how is the old ticker?
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Much love 

Mam is turning into a real grumpy, cos of her hip. I've got her labelled as a 'Lippy Hippy', which stops her in her tracks. I'm going to ask the surgeons to give me her dead hip so I can turn it into an umbrella stand if she keeps picking on me.
     She's finally asked the airline and airports to give her a wheelchair, since she can't possibly walk the distance from gate to customs, It was either that or skates, and me pushing with my foot as I wrestle with the cases.
     I'm fine, apart from nearly fainting off when at the wheel of the car (only joking, apart from the fainting bit). 
     Mind you, it might be because of the smoke filling the house, now that I'm keeping a fire going because we don't have any central heating, Would you believe that this flaming country is the second highest in Europe, after Switzerland. Bruce almighty!
PS 1. Is your boyfriend, Thomas the Tank Engine, still reading my book, even though he's anorexic?
      2.  Do you realise that Mam is going to have ONLY a local anaesthetic for the hip operation? Ye Gods. That's her Xmas presents sorted out - a fan to reduce the smell of bones being fused to metal, and earplugs to reduce the noise as they hammer and drill things in place. Ho ho ho.