Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A jolly time was had by both of us

A jolly time was had by both of us, particularly me, in the kitchen.
Unwisely, my wife let me loose in the kitchen, after I volunteered to dig out of the freezer a chicken Dhansak that I’d cooked a week earlier, plus a naan bread that I’ve finally mastered baking.
“Yes, it can’t go wrong!” we both thought.
    When she started eating my previously delicious Dhansak, she stuck her tongue out at me, eyes bulging and fanning her primary weapon. At last, I understood what she was indicating when she gasped, “It’s far too hot!”
     It was not obvious at the time, but it had clearly matured in strength by being kept for a short period.
     Guiltily, I carried on eating with my mouth burning.
     “Never mind dear,” I said reassuringly. “I’ve also made you my infallible semolina pudding, sprinkled with vanilla essence and a topping of strawberry jam.”
     I warmed and served it to her in a ramekin. She had a taster and growled at me, “It’s far too salty!” and slapped it down.
     “Rubbish!” I cried. “there’s only sugar in it, not salt!”
     I downed the first spoonful in one go, and suffered instantly by ingesting over a week’s intake of salt all at once. Rushing to the bathroom, I rinsed my mouth under the running tap, saying “Oh dearie me! How is this possible?” It was undoubtedly salt, but had she played a trick on me?
     Then I picked up the plastic container that held the 26 grams of sugar I had used. We both inspected it and dipped a finger in, each of us taking a sample.
     “You idiot!” she shouted, her face screwed up like a monkey’s bottom. “I remember you buying a huge bag of salt 5 years ago and storing it in there.”
     Fortunately, she had to rush off herself and apply water treatment on her own acid tongue.
I don’t think I’ll ever be allowed to forget this minor oversight, but one thing’s for sure: I’ll never, ever again, forget to stick a label on anything, nor store it in the wrong place.
If I’m given the chance.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Normally, I pay scant attention to reviews ...

Normally, I pay scant attention to reviews, being absorbed in my current Project, but this one really got my goat. The jerk who wrote it gave The Inlooker 2-Stars, which puts it in the c***p sector for quality of grammar, ability, and so on.
     I quote: I was at first super excited to read this book but after the first few pages I was not thrilled. In this day and age I don't expect to read chauvinistic behaviors on the page in a serious style. I liked the invention attitude of the book itself. I like anything new and interesting and had hopes for this book. For me it fell flat in regards to meeting my expectations. I liked the gimmick of the book but did not like the writing for the most part…
     Let me explain, this is story about a man who has a superior attitude towards others, and the ability to take possession of individual souls. Initially, he uses his paranormal talent to throttle a child murderer, then he moves onto a short succession of delectable females to satisfy his male urges, which are not in the same alleged category of brutality as Weinstein. Then he meets an alien whose lifestyle impresses him, and begins to develop a flying car that requires no fossil fuels to power it. Eventually, it supplants planes. trains and ships, making him a vastly wealthy man. Finally, he matures into a principled statesman who painlessly reduces the world population to 1.5 billion people. In the process, he instigates true democracy, develops compassion, and turns into a caring, sharing human being.
     Good, innit? At least I thought so. Then along comes this semi-literate ‘Jei the jerk’ and pans it, even though I state in the book, before the story starts, that this is a moralistic story chronicling the growth in moral compass of the central character. I clearly emphasize that the style of writing reflects this man’s state of mind and I change it as his character blossoms.
     Note that it is not a verified purchase by this anonymous Jei, which probably means that he has not read the latest version of the book, which contains the warning clause I mentioned earlier. In fact, I think he just picked up the free read from Amazon and formed his negative, badly expressed view from that.

     What precisely is the cause of my umbrage on this occasion? It is as much to do with Amazon as it is with Jei the jerk, since any comment that I make is relegated to a concealed area of the reviews page that is easily missed. I should at least be given equal opportunity to reply to these poor reviews, not buried in verbal manure.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

An ode to my wife

Sweet little seventy-three,
You've got the short grey hair,
Baggy knickers and no bra
Man you're so shaped square

When I yell
'Daddy daddy, he wants some fun,'
She runs like hell
She's off like a greyhound

Covering the ground
You wanna see her run!
Metal hip or no
I can't keep up

With my buttercup
When she's on the go
But I say, 'mammy mammy
I'll grab yer bum

Better hold onto yer hammocks
When you're on the run
Enjoy my romance
While I twiddle your grey locks

As I pull off my socks
When I finally catch you
When you’re on the run
We’re gonna have such fun

Oh mammy mammy,
you’re mine all mine
Sweet seventy-three

You belong to me...’

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The nauseating sound of someone chortling.

That was how Donald Tusk behaved yesterday in a public display of bravado; it was tantamount to spitting in our faces. He is the President of the European Council and he was chortling at the attempts of the Eire’s Brexit negotiating team to separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK; they came within a hair’s breadth of succeeding. From what is being fed to the public in the way of updates to the negotiations, May has conceded to practically all of the EU’s substantive demands, which suggests that she has naively conceded rather than skillfully negotiated.
     The fact that she so publicly and humiliatingly failed is a testament to the true backbone of the minority DUP party supporting the Conservative party. The ongoing worry is: what else is she doing that is akin to selling us short? Did David Davies know of her intentions, amongst which was the claim that the DUP knew in advance that she had agreed to, “continued regulatory alignment” between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.”?
     Today, in a parliamentary debate, what became obvious was the concerted attempt by those who wish, against the vote of their own constituents in many cases, to stay in the EU and thereby deprive the UK of its own self-government. Also, if the highly successful CEO of the J D Wetherspoon PLC is to be believed, then many of his business rivals are not credible in their strident insistence that the UK must remain in the EU for their sakes.
     No, there is a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that May is a muppet when it comes to negotiating with her EU representatives, as evidenced by that Disney character at one of its multiple helms, Donald Duck (oops, I meant Tusk).

The UK does not to have to meet more than its acknowledged ongoing commitments to the EU after its exit in 2019, but where is the list of those debts for us all to judge? How can we assess competence in the face of unnecessary secrecy?

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Simple back pain relief

This is a new one for me, health issues, but a lot suffer from lower back pain, so here goes.
A state-of-the-art treatment cures back pain in more than 80 per cent of sufferers with no side effects, new research reveals.
     After a single 10-minute treatment, which involves delivering 'gentle electrical energy' into patients' spines, discomfort was relieved in 81 per cent of sufferers for a year, a study found.
     Some 90 per cent of sufferers were also able to avoid surgery to ease their pain after having a single session of the minimally-invasive treatment, the research adds.
     Lower-back pain occurs when nerves become pinched and irritated, causing the vertebrae to constrict and reducing the distance between spinal discs.
     Lead author Dr Alessandro Napoli from Sapienza University in Rome, said: 'The results have been extraordinary. Patients have been relieved of pain and resumed their normal activities within a day. Following this treatment, inflammation and pain go away.'
     The study's participants had a needle guided to the bulging disc and nerve root.
     A probe was then inserted through the needle that delivered pulses of electromagnetic waves over 10 minutes.
     Dr Napoli said: 'The probe delivers a gentle electrical energy, so there's no thermal damage.'

Monday, 27 November 2017

RE BREXIT - there is a rapid solution to the Irish border problem.

For those who didn’t hear the suggestion, it reads as follows.
     Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today, Labour’s Ms Hoey said there is no need for a physical border to be introduced to the region as she slated the Irish Government for using the issue in their own domestic political wrangles.
     Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he would be willing to veto any potential Brexit deal between the EU and UK unless a satisfactory solution to the Irish border is found.
     EU bosses have continued to block talks on Britain’s future relationship with the bloc until ‘sufficient progress’ is made on solutions to the Irish border, EU citizens’ rights and the divorce bill.
     “A lot of the technology, at the Swiss border and in Norway, is done actually away from the border – and, of course, the Prime Minister has said that she doesn’t want cameras at the border.
     “If it ends up with a no deal, we won’t be putting up the border, they’ll have to pay for it because it doesn’t need to happen.
     Ms Hoey suggested the UK and EU should look to Switzerland and Norway, who are both outside the EU but have close trading relations within the bloc.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Quest For Liberty

In their quest for Independence, freedom or liberty, call it what you will, let us take the Catalonians as a prime example of a mass movement gaining momentum.
     In the broadcasts, I see a joy on the painted faces in the crowds at the declaration of national independence by their local political leaders, and wonder, “How shallow is that?”
     I ask myself, “Is it because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, at their expense, and what they really want is to get out of the wretched Spanish system of superficial democracy?”
     Mind you, if you’re already rich, you probably don’t care a tinker’s cuss about anyone else, nor about the inflation you’re building up for your country by paying yourself so handsomely. It becomes Monopoly money you’re playing with, if you’re a banker like Jack Diamond or Fred the Shred, in the UK.
     Taking Spain as a whole in relation to Catalonia, the Catalonians are just like the other voters in the rest of the impoverished country in what they perceive, which is mainstream politicians in the ruling Party Popular behaving like bandits. It can only form a temporary government now, because it has become accustomed to dishing out wads of money to itself and been caught in the process of theft, at the expense of taxpayers. This has happened from the PM down, and many of its officials are being incarcerated as a matter of routine.
     Big business is involved in these shenanigans, as is royalty, while the judiciary and Hacienda try to recover millions of Euros from corrupt officials who have amassed vast fortunes.
Curiously enough, the Catalonian leaders seem to be free of such illicit goings-on, and the sight of such things must be as galling to them as it is to everyone else, whatever their ancestral roots.
     The consequence is that Spain now has a ‘hung’ central parliament, which depends even more than Britain does on support of the main opposition socialists and fringe, left-wing parties. In two elections, nothing much has changed voters’ sour view of their ruling class. The Party Popular is tainted, and acts as a barely tolerated caretaker administration.
     Why any emerging nation, like the embryonic Catalonia, should seek to join the EU is a mystery to me, because a less democratic, overpaid version of a collection of nonentities is hard to find beyond China, Russia, North Korea and the Middle East. Its headquarters in Brussels is an autocratic bureaucracy run like a gentleman’s dining club, ponderously. The only reason I can see for beating at its doors is to become a net recipient of its aloof munificence (much of which it is strenuously trying to snatch back from Spain, having also been diddled).
     Someone should warn the Catalonians that the EU money pot is running dry, as the small countries are turned into net contributors, and complaining about it quite loudly. The reason is Britain striving to get out of the EU, which is the wretched, sclerotic source of its many woes.
      Someone should also warn the Catalonians that small is not necessarily beautiful when it comes to matters of defense and internal security. The pendulum can swing menacingly over the pit, as Edgar Alan Poe might have observed, where liberty equates to freedom in a troubled world. Access to ample resources can be highly desirable in these times and that is what resides in honest unity with the rest of Spain.
     “Think of the Basques as well as yourselves, before you countenance insurrection!” is what I would counsel them.
     “Think also of the Walloons in Belgium!” I would also counsel them.
     “Why?” you might ask.
     “This is the route you could take,” I would reply. “Those sub-parliamentarians, in the south of the country of Belgium, were able to block a key trade deal with Canada.”
THAT is the way forward, to encourage the political leaders in Spain and Catalonia to enhance your liberty. You don’t need to take any extreme measures.
     As Churchill famously said, “Jaw Jaw is better than War War.”
Some final observations about ‘Greater Britain’; the degree to which people commentate sensibly on political matters in the newspapers is commendable, if you ignore the anonymous mud-slinging. It is less so when it comes to the guests invited onto the TV news channels, where bigotry often goes unchallenged, largely because of the indifference to fair play of the news presenters and the lack of time they spend researching outside their ‘day jobs’. ’Fake News’ is how it is described by President Trump and it happens in Britain as well as the USA. What these presenters and reports don’t know, they make up or ignore.
     However, what is becoming apparent is the deep desire of many voters in the UK not to allow their MPs to get away with voting as they feel fit, and ignoring what the majority of their constituents want. Hopefully, this ‘shallow’ version of democracy is on the wane.

     Perhaps the British and Catalonian voters are striving for the same version of democracy.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Sci-Fi Teaser - Russian 'genius child' and Life beyond Earth

Occasionally, I come across a news article that needs more thought, if only because I've read something that lends it credence. The usual response is a barrage of derision from the reading public, but I get a gut feeling about some things, and this is one of them.
It reads as follows:

A "GENIUS" Russian who has confounded experts for 20 years claims he was a once Martian and life will change once the Sphinx is "unlocked".
PUBLISHED: 08:24, Tue, Nov 7, 2017

Boriska Kipriyanovich, 20, has allegedly baffled experts with his knowledge of outer space since he was a child.
     He claims (in a previous life) to have flown to ancient Egypt as a pilot. When he was a schoolboy, he said the Martians have a strong connection to the ancient Egyptians on Earth.
     He said that life on Earth will change dramatically when the Great Sphinx monument in Giza is 'unlocked', adding that the opening mechanism is hidden behind an ear.
     He explains there was a catastrophe caused by a nuclear war waged between the “beings” living there (on Mars).
     Apparently, there were only a few survivors who constructed protection lodges and built new weapons, so he claims.
     He also claims Martians are immortal and stop aging at an age of 35-years.
He said they are technologically advanced and capable of interstellar travel.
     His parents claim he could speak only months after he was born and amazed doctors as a toddler by being able to read, write and draw by the age of two.
     His mother is a doctor herself and said the first indication he was special came a couple of weeks after birth when he could hold his head up unassisted. They say he would discuss subjects they had never taught him.
     While in kindergarten, his teachers noticed his incredible writing and language talents along with astonishing memory skills, allegedly.
     His mother and father claim they never taught him anything about space as a child, but he would sit and talk about Mars, the planetary systems and alien civilization.

   They said it became his number one interest and it was as not long until he started claiming to have been born on Mars.

What drew my attention to its possible authenticity was a similar event recorded by Ingo Swann, who was a 'Distance' Seer for over 19 years with a government agency that specialized in such activities. He claimed to have 'seen' such things. Plus, there was an ex-US Marine, Randy Cramer who insisted he had served a 17-year tour of duty on Mars under the name of Captain Kaye, protecting colonists. Plus, the now deleted Google map allegedly zoning into a clearly defined artificial structure on the surface of Mars. There are other such claims of evidence of dubious provenance, but none so convincing as the one I saw.
     My mind is open to these matters, but I would like to see what is made of the alleged 'key' behind one of the ears of the Sphinx.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Macron Wants to form Breakaway EU Group

That will be interesting - a group within a group. How will the excluded minnows take to this idea? Two parliamentary sites to be continued for the travelling gravy train of overpaid bureaucrats and MEPs?
     Why doesn't Britain enter the fray by volunteering to head the alternative group of trading nations, to whom Germany sends its exports on the back of a weak currency? That'll weaken the GB Pound enough to give us a competitive advantage to match that of Germany. Call the new currency the Bureau, for example, and do away with the pound.

It'll certainly skewer Tusk and Barnier.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Misplaced Self Confidence in politics

I am talking about the Labour Party in Britain and the self-confident rhetoric being used by its leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
       Let me be clear in expressing my view on the chances of the Labour Party getting into power. I will do so by asking one question of the voters of all ages and beliefs.
     Do you want an academic dunce who is economically illiterate and indecisive, to be our next Prime Minister?
     It chills me to the bone when he takes to the hustings and rants. What he rants is overtures to some ears, but is meaningless to mine. The words he uses he concocts as he speaks.
      It has been many years since I have heard anyone rant on a soapbox like him, and come across as a sweet uncle, a nice, gentle older man, in interviews.
     His vanity is such that he can actually envisage himself in the role of country leader.
I am confident that his chances are nil. The majority of voters, who I believe to be level-headed and sincere, would shudder at the prospect.

Either he is delusional or I am. Take your pick!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

New book published - see my Book Stall

FUTURE WORLD ROCKS! - Series: Carousels of Life
This story contains interwoven strands that are brought together as events unfold. It is a space opera with a difference - it is actually set to music, with many of the events based on true reports.
Want a cheap paperback copy to review?
Contact the author via my website and I'll get back to you with a deal.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Unleash the Dogs of War

If the voters of the UK are so determined to undermine the Government in its campaign to get the best Brexit deal it can on behalf of the country, let them have what they deserve.
If they truly believe in the capabilities of the Labour party, insist they are given a fresh vote for it, to bring down the Conservatives, if they can, or increase their majority as was requested in the first place.
     It wasn’t at all clever of Theresa to get sucked into domestic economics and, predictably, she got unstuck when she came up against left-wing promises by economic dunces. Her manifesto was a conceited insult to the intelligence. Theirs was unaffordable promises to the suckered young.
     Frankly, I am fed up of hearing an endless barrage of speculative reporting on events at parliament, on the machinations of leading cabinet members intent on ousting the PM, and on the type of Brexit being discussed.
     For twits who yap on about Hard Brexit, THERE AIN’T SUCH A THING. The hardest fall there can be is onto World Trade Organisation rules, got it?
     For so-called business leaders with hidden agendas, stop harping on about how you like certainty. Cobblers, there ain’t no such thing in life. If you think there is, you are feckless. You want soft Brexit? Pay for it yourselves.
     For those labour supporters who walk around wearing ‘I Love Corbyn’ on their T-Shirts, do you really equate intelligence with his track record of failure? Really? Have you lost touch with reality? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES BEFORE HE BURIES THE COUNTRY IN ECONOMIC DUNG. Being nice has no relationship with his past record of failure, apart from rattling the cage he belongs in.
If that course of action doesn’t galvanize sensible people into doing what is right, boy oh boy, WE WILL GET WHAT WE DESERVE - at least a decade to undo what the Labour ignoramuses are incapable of achieving - running the country.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

The emerging danger within

I am talking about a man I first saw on Sky News this morning, who even made Stephen Dixon squirm in embarrassment. I am talking about Jamie Kelsey-Fry.
   I am horrified at the piffle this untidy man with a double-barrelled name gushes. He wants a man who had two A-level e-grade passes to lead this country. For God's sake, someone tell him to get a grip on himself!
     I heard his rant against businessmen this morning on Sky News and one thing is for sure - he is a menace to society because he is a vocal threat to democracy.
     If and when Corbyn gets in, but only IF the young continue to be swayed by Corbyn's empty promises of jam tomorrow, then it will take a decade to undo the incalculable economic damage this illiterate but kindly looking PM-in-waiting will inflict on us.
     We both agree on one thing - taxes need to flow from big businesses. Why doesn't Sky News look more closely at the money earnt by nurses before commentators like Kelsey-Fry insist they are really suffering and people like them have to go to food banks? Jeremy Hunt, who the NHS employees hate for no good reason, mentioned this once on Sky News and speculated at the need to go there when they earn so much.
     You have to see the lifestyles of firefighters when they retire early to see how well they live off their pensions when they move abroad. I do and it is money no object.
     No, Kelsey-Fry is himself an underachieving rabble rouser whose muddled view of life is a travesty of reality. I read with incredulity that he is an ex-teacher with 1 years’ experience repeated over 20 years, I wonder at the mentality of those who employed him. Did they do it to take advantage of his mind-warping skills?
      What on earth possessed Sky News to give him airtime to spout his firebrand drivel, especially in front of wishy-washy Nixon? And why does it keep sending its reporters to a school that specialises in churning out rude, very rude and disrespectful interviewers? There is nothing clever in shouting at someone, “Excuse me, when are you going to get the sack? Hopefully, one day, someone will stop mid-stride and give their torturer a good thump. I for one will give a hearty hurrah, especially if it’s Faisal.

     Is Sky News trying to make or report the news? Is it actually giving us relentless false news?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Grenfell Tragedy - What Needs Doing Now

If I were at the heart of UK government now, here is what I would do.
1. Call in contractors to start erecting scaffolding around the surviving high-rise blocks containing suspected fire-risk cladding.
2. Order a supply of commercial fire extinguishers and start distributing them to the high-rise blocks still at risk.
3. Ask the tenants if they want to stay in the surviving high-risk blocks, after provision of the fire extinguishers, and ask if they want individual fire detectors installed, as an interim measure.
4. Move heaven and earth to relocate the Grenfell survivors anywhere I could, nearby, including army barracks and disused commercial and NHS buildings.
Have I seen any sign of these steps being taken, have you?
Why on earth appoint as advisor someone who refused to meet safety experts before this disaster occurred? Is the lady intent on executing a political death wish?

Whatever it takes, the lady once said, before …

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

May be, May be not, but questions need to be raised

The question I ask is this:  did the good lady execute a devious plot?
Keeping an open mind, let us look at this possibility in greater depth by asking some fundamental questions.
1.  Was the vicar’s daughter as stupid as she’s made out to be with her facile submission to the electorate of a dementia tax? Ignore the tears apparently shed in private; they could have been real at the prospect of having overcooked the egg.
2.  How powerful behind the scenes are the lobbying groups representing big, international businesses? Where do you think their objectives lie? After all, they have made no secret of them.
3.  In comparison, how powerful and sustainable is the electorate in favor of Brexit?
4.  If push comes to shove, in the face of what our unelected previously Remain sympathizing PM faced with a diminished share of the electoral vote, how relieved will the majority feel if concessions made to the EU negotiators are begrudgingly accepted by the latter, with substantial billions paid by the UK as sweeteners? In other words, the UK makes soft Brexit overtures to the German overseers and main beneficiaries of our munificence, and compensates with hush money the minnow nations for whom the UK is a major paymaster.
5.  How much would you bet on the PM NOT triumphing in the next few years, and overturning the popularity of Corbyn’s left-wing Labour party?
6.  Was not the recent 1922’s reception of the PM, with its 25 second thumping of tables, more of a triumphant, processional ovation than an expression of support for a failed leader?

I expect there to be much huffing and puffing as the UK and the EU negotiate from respective positions of weakness and strength, with billions being handed over needlessly by our team, suckered into a situation not of their culpability. Or was it?
     Not to worry though, we will be in good company, with the likes of the Dutch voters, whose referendum re the Ukraine was overruled by their leaders.